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Nippon Oil has announced that it will begin North American production of Super Hyrando SE, a zinc-free anti-wear hydraulic fluid designed to save large amounts of energy.

Super Hyrando SE is a specialised hydraulic fluid formulated with advanced friction modifiers that help reduce the amount of input energy that is often lost in energy-intensive hydraulic operations such as injection moulding and die casting.

Nippon said that the result of implementing Super Hyrando SE is a marked reduction in energy consumption, prolonged equipment life, plus reduced downtime and maintenance.

Case studies completed in Japan have shown this fluid to reduce energy consumption by up to 18 per cent.

Super Hyrando SE will join Unicut Jinen MQL, a cutting oil for use in semi-dry machining applications, in Nocusa’s line up of industrial oils being introduced to North America.

Super Hyrando SE will be available directly from Nocusa or via distributors, depending upon the region.

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