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A defect detection and review (DDR) station from McBain Systems has been installed at a semiconductor fabrication plant in Kulim, Malaysia.

The DDR300 near-infrared (NIR) inspection system is being used by the semiconductor chip manufacturer to check for subsurface cracks and other defects that are hidden beneath layers of silicon and other semiconductor materials.

According to Michael Crump, president and chief executive officer of McBain, the objective is to increase yields in the customer’s flip-chip devices.

He added that the DDR300 NIR system is able to deliver a sharp, clear view of hard-to-detect subsurface defects.

The new McBain system operates in the NIR spectral range between 900nm and 1,700nm and can ‘see’ through a range of silicon and other semiconductor materials, including those with rough surfaces.

The DDR300 NIR system may be used for both micro- and macro-inspection, to view features from 1um to more than 200um in size.

An image-stitching capability enables wide-field, high-resolution imaging.

Two models of the DDR system are available for inspecting 200mm and 300mm wafers.

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