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Two Maxigas nitrogen gas generators, designed and manufactured by Parker Hannifin Industrial Division, are being used as part of a crucial aircraft tyre inflation system.

Installed by Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems (MABS), the generators have replaced an older rental system and are helping the company reduce costs and improve efficiency.

MABS provides products and services specifically tailored to the aerospace industry including the repair, replacement and overhaul of aircraft tyres for leading airlines.

Aircraft tyres can be inflated with nitrogen gas due to its clean and dry composition and its ability to prevent deflation, which is caused by oxygen permeation through the tyre wall.

Nitrogen therefore helps to maintain the correct tyre pressure throughout varying altitudes.

MABS previously operated a nitrogen generator on a contract basis from a rental supplier.

However, with throughput often exceeding the maximum capacity of the system and booster pressure limitations, the company needed a solution to help it service the more demanding tyres with greater ease.

Via Direct Air, a UK Parker Hannifin distributor, the company was introduced to Maxigas nitrogen gas generators.

Maxigas generators produce nitrogen gas from compressed air via the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) method using carbon molecular sieve (CMS) regenerative technology.

Offering reliability, efficiency and a constant, controlled nitrogen flow and pressure, the generators are said to be a cost-effective solution for nitrogen supply with a low lifecycle ownership cost.

Installed in January 2008, two Maxigas108 units were specified to provide MABS with a peak flow rate of more than 70m3/h at better than two per cent maximum remaining oxygen content and a 40 bar g maximum outlet pressure.

Operating at normal factory production flow demand, the nitrogen quality is better than specified (better than 0.1 per cent O2).

‘Since installation, the Maxigas has worked very efficiently and allows us to better service tyres that require a greater volume of nitrogen and increased throughput,’ said said Roy Deakin, head of maintenance, repair and overhaul at MABS.

Maxigas also offers 100 per cent standby reliability, an attribute that eliminates system failures, time waiting for cylinder deliveries and consequential space provisions outside the building.

The system installation, which was conducted by Direct Air, was scheduled and completed over one weekend.

Maxigas and Midigas nitrogen gas generators are suitable for various applications in multiple industries and are backed by Parker Hannifin’s global network of manufacturing, sales and customer support centres, providing full service, spares and applications expertise.

Optional preventative maintenance contracts are also available.

In addition to nitrogen, Parker Hannifin also offers pre-treatment solutions such as Oil-X Evolution compressed air filters and Pneudri adsorption dryers to provide compressed air to ISO 8573-1:2001 air quality standards.

Sterile gas in addition to polishing solutions, which ensure beverage-grade carbon dioxide remains within specification, are also available.

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