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NL Machine Tool Consulting is a UK and Ireland agent for the Stahli Group, a manufacturer of flat-honing, lapping and polishing machines based in Switzerland.

Stahli develops and produces ultra-modern machine tools and serve its customers through modern commercial machining centres, in which it not only carries out flat honing, lapping and polishing to customers’ instructions but also deals with highly complex project studies.

As a complete system supplier, the company is said to be experienced in the field of working wheels, consumables and accessories, which it has developed and manufactured.

With the expansion of flat-honing technology in the field of one-, two- and three-wheel DLM series machines, Stahli recognised the necessity of this technology for new customer demands and made further developments.

With the DLM series, the company also combines modern mechanical engineering technology with the latest control and measuring technology in conjunction with automation in different expansion stages.

A further important module in precision grinding technology on two-wheel machines is the design by Hahn and Kolb.

More than 2,000 machines of the Duomat and ZL series are installed worldwide.

Stahli provides after-sales service for these users, supplies spare parts, carries out general overhauls and continues to develop the technology.

In the field of surface processing, these two-wheel machines, in co-operation with competent wheels and cooling lubricant manufacturers, are said to be suitable for every task.

The one-wheel flat-lapping and polishing machines of the FLM series with wheel diameters from 500mm to 4,000mm are optimised for production output.

With its particularly robust design, including loading and unloading devices, this series is suitable for mass production with the special feature of wheel correction by means of central geometry adjustment.

Through the extension of the FLM series, Stahli has developed and adapted the construction of special machines according to customised requests.

Through the combination of the FLM series as well as special machines for glass processing, the company offers a complete production and sales programme for one-wheel applications.

Through co-operation with scientific institutes and universities at home and abroad, Stahli is also active in the field of research and development and continuously contributes to the latest development projects.

According to NL Machine Tool Consulting, Stahli also produces technology guides, entitled ‘The Technique of Lapping’ and ‘Flathoning and Lapping with Two-Wheel Machines’.

In addition, the company holds comprehensive lapping seminars in Pieterlen/Biel, Weil/Stuttgart and Lake Zurich/Chicago as well as training at customers’ sites.

Stahli’s range includes specialised lapping abrasive distribution systems, spraying devices, dressing systems, templates, carriers, precision straight edges for checking wheels, polishing tables, monochromatic inspection lights, optical flats and automatic flatness testing devices.

The company also offers lapping wheels, dressing rings, fixed abrasives wheels and rings for third-party manufacturers’ machines, as well as lapping oils and powders, diamond fluids and polishing wheels.

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