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Noax Technologies has developed an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for industrial PCs.

Depending on the configuration of the IPC it is supporting, the UPS can provide constant battery backup for up to one hour.

At the core of the UPS is a lead-gel accumulator.

Icons on the IPC screen, as well as additional LEDs on the UPS inform the user about the status of the power supply.

If the power supply fails and the UPS changes into battery mode, the icon in the system tray will change, giving the IPC user immediate notification.

In the case of a battery or connection failure, the UPS software will recognise the problem and shut down the computer after a certain time.

Parameters can be individually programmed through the software, which will also allow the user to change the lead gel battery without impacting the IPC operation.

In the case of a voltage reversal at the input side of the UPS, it will continue operation unaffected.

The system also features a fuse that protects against a short circuit at the output side of the UPS, limiting the amount of current flowing from the battery to the IPC and preventing damage.

Also included is a built-in protection against unexpected battery discharge, which could lead to total battery failure.

The user can also choose the necessary output voltage (12V or 24V) for the Noax IPC and parameters like shut down procedure timing or automatic data backup are easily configured.

The temperature range for safe operation of the UPS is from -20C-50C (-4F-122F), with humidity up to 90 per cent.

Due to the lack of moving parts, shock and vibration are minimal, allowing constant operation in the harshest environments.

The Noax UPS works with all Noax IPCs and can be integrated into any existing IT environment.

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