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Noliac Systems has developed single- and dual-channel dynamic drivers for piezoelectric actuators and three standard models are now available for purchasing.

One driver is a basic device for fine-adjustment mechanisms, for example, while two are designed as standalone laboratory desktop units.

The basic driver – the NDR6110 – provides a full-stroke driving capability for benders (bimorphs), stacked actuators, bipolar stacks and shear-mode actuators.

The driver enables the supply of various piezoelectric actuators with static and dynamics voltage in the range of up to +/-100V or 0-200V.

The basic device can be used as part of a fine-adjustment mechanism in mechanical positioning equipment with piezo feed or for other piezo element applications.

The laboratory drivers – the NDR6880 (single channel) and the NDR6881 (dual channel) – provide high current, high power, a wide frequency range and the galvanic separation of output from other circuitry.

The devices are sources of single-polarity voltage and their values are proportional to their input signal.

The drivers consist of two main blocks: the preamplifier and the high-voltage stage.

The input stage is galvanically separate from the output high-voltage part.

Signal ground of the BNC connectors is connected to device casing.

Amplifier output is floating.

One of their wires could be optionally grounded externally.

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