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Nord Drivesystems has added an external 24V control-input option to its entry-level SK2x0E motor-mounted decentralised inverter for energy-optimised applications from pump and fan controls to position- and safety-based systems.

The external control option enables inverter parameter set-up without mains power and offers control availability (including position interrogation) under power-failure conditions where a back-up supply can be used.

The performance-graded SK2xxE product series is directly mounted to a choice of Nord standard or high-efficiency IE2 and IE3-rated motors and gear motors, or supplied as near-motor panel-mounted drives. 

Version options include an AS-I interface with a ’safe-stop’ protocol providing EN954-1-compliant safety, which is particularly suited to large-scale factory automation.

Key specifications

  • Power ratings from 0.25 to 7.5kW, from single- and three-phase supplies
  • Features advanced sensorless current vector drive
  • Selection of standard and optional control and fieldbus communications features
  • Allows users to select only those options that are relevant and necessary for their application
  • Built-in features include Class A line filtering, EEPROM parameter storage, brake management, encoder feedback and basic positioning control
  • Status and diagnostics console provides I/O status LEDs and RS232/485 communications interfacing
  • More advanced features are available through direct programming or with externally mounted control-box options known as Simplebox and Parameterbox
  • These options cover a potentiometer adapter for manual speed controls and a tactile keypad for parameter set-up and status displays
  • The SK2xxE product series also includes a selection of expansion-card options called technology boxes that extend the capability to include Profibus, CANopen and Devicenet for direct parameter adjustment, as well as expanded machine I/O

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