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Nord is offering complete Nordbloc modular sub-assemblies comprising Unicase gearbox, motor and coupling with a broad and flexible range of options and accessories.

The units are fully pre-assembled on torsionally rigid motor swing base or base-frame mountings.

They require no complex alignment and are supplied fully tested.

These ready-to-install modular gear-unit systems are completely scalable and custom built to suit specific load, mechanical interfacing and environmental specifications for heavy-duty conveying and lifting applications.

By specifying a complete sub-assembly, customers can reduce their project-management burden, timescales and costs using the Nord design service to manage all aspects of the application – as well as making system commissioning more straightforward and simplifying purchasing.

Each modular system comprises gearbox, motor and base frame with options of elastic or fluid coupling, drum or disc brake, radial or axial fan, auxiliary drive, torque support with attachment plate and protective covers as well as sealing-system options.

A range of temperature-management options includes fans, external oil/air or oil/water cooling and several measuring devices and sensor options for oil inspection, temperature and bearing-condition monitoring.

The modular system design, covering six basic installation configurations with identical installation dimensions for all two and three-stage gear ratios, allows an almost endless combination of power transmission sub-assembly options.

Fast delivery is assured from standard off-the-shelf components.

The symmetrical Unicase gearbox design permits mirror-image installation for dual-drive applications.

Nord’s own range of IEC frame energy-saving three-phase motors is used throughout and Nord SK 700E frequency inverters are available to offer complete gear unit and drive solutions with high-performance motor control and connection to all current factory networking communications systems.

Nordbloc industrial gear units draw on the benefits of the Unicase housing system – a one-piece design produced on specialised CNC machines that offers the highest levels of precision, rigidity and strength.

All the bearings are mounted directly into the cast-iron Unicase housing and there are no dividing seams between the drive and gear unit.

This allows shaft axes to be staggered in a more compact space-saving arrangement and the use of larger roller bearings to ensure a longer operational life with quieter running and reduced maintenance burden.

The range is available in four frame sizes from 60,000 to 200,000Nm, with helical and bevel-helical gear-stage designs.

It includes a wealth of options for mechanical interfacing, performance, safety and environmental conditions.

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