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norelem’s range of ball lock pins provide added reassurance to engineers where dependable high shear strength is most needed.

The ball lock pin has a practical locking mechanism designed for quick release in numerous applications. When the button is pressed, it activates the spring mechanism inside the pin which releases the ball lock by withdrawing the balls within the part. Once the button is released, the ball lock is activated again which guarantees a stable and self-securing locking function.

The component’s efficient self-locking mechanism significantly reduces set-up time, providing engineers with connections that are quick and easy to join. norelem’s ball lock pins have been designed for use in multiple applications, ranging from automation technology, robotics, electronics and processing mechanics to machine and plant construction.

norelem’s ball lock pins are available with a normal grip, T-grip or L-grip depending on the application, with diameters from 5mm to 16mm. Length sizes range from 10mm to 80mm and shearing forces from 24kN to 257kN, enabling engineers to choose the perfect fit for the job.

With higher loading potential than standard ball lock pins, norelem’s ball lock pins not only provide higher shear resistance but notable durability, ensuring the component can withstand heavy and frequent usage. This is achieved by utilising high-grade materials throughout the part’s mechanism. The initial grip is made out of thermoplastic, which is then supplemented by a stainless steel 1.4542 pin and stainless steel 1.4305 push button alongside a spring mechanism (1.4310 stainless steel) and the ball component itself (1.4125 stainless steel).

Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem, states: “Our ball lock pins have been the leading choice for high-shear applications for several years due to the multiple benefits they have over standard ball lock pins. With the ability to fasten and join elements, workpieces and other machinery components with just the press of a button, our high-shear ball lock pins provide engineers with the reassurance of reliability and durability from the moment of installation.”

To ensure load specifications are accurate, all load values have been calculated following DIN 50141 as standard to provide engineers with the information needed to make an informed decision for the respective application.

Engineers can find the components in norelem’s definitive catalogue, THE BIG GREEN BOOK. Datasheets and CAD drawings are available online through norelem’s web shop.

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norelem view themselves as part of a dynamic culture of innovation. We are continually expanding our product portfolio of standard and specialist elements. That is why we have invested in modern logistical structures which enable us to react flexibly and promptly to our customers’ needs delivering the highest quality products and service.

About norelem

norelem is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of flexible standard parts and components for mechanical engineering. The company supplies 60,000 standard products relating to standard machinery and operating elements, as well as automation components.

All these components are detailed in THE BIG GREEN BOOK, norelem’s ideas catalogue and a reference book, ninety-eight per cent of these parts are available from stock, and the business delivers on-site technical support for products. This high level of inventory enables norelem to provide fast and reliable delivery.


THE BIG GREEN BOOK is both norelem’s ideas catalogue and a reference book, and has become the norelem trademark. More than just a standard product catalogue, THE BIG GREEN BOOK represents everything norelem stands for, combining product information, specifications, and technical information, with best practice references, advice, and guidance.

The 2020 version of THE BIG GREEN BOOK is in fact now so big and so comprehensive that it is split into two volumes. You can request the bumper, two-volume print or USB version including 3D CAD data by emailing

About norelem ACADEMY

As the global standard component specialist, norelem helps students, universities and companies with free, specialised lectures in the fields of toolmaking and drive technology through norelem’s training arm, norelem ACADEMY.

Coordinated to your requirements, norelem can offer 90-minute specialist lectures providing insight into the different areas of engineering, and how to bring these insights directly into your practice.

norelem ACADEMY also supports engineering student teams across the globe. By donating components and encouraging knowledge transfer, our experts help close skills gaps and launch the careers of tomorrow’s engineering talent. Global initiatives that norelem supports include Formula Student and The World Solar Challenge, while norelem also holds its own yearly engineering competition, Engineering Newcomer.

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