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Evides Industriewater and Norit Membrane Technology have constructed a large membrane bioreactor (MBR) for the treatment of municipal wastewater in the Netherlands.

The treated wastewater is re-used for the production of demineralised water at Dow Chemicals in the Netherlands.

Evides Industriewater secured the project for the design, construction and operation of a high capacity wastewater treatment.

For this purpose, Nethwater partner Norit Membrane Technology has been awarded the supply of Norit’s Airlift MBR technology.

The existing WWTP of Terneuzen – operated by the Waterboard Zeeuws Vlaanderen – will be upgraded and expanded in 2009 with this MBR system.

The system has a nominal hydraulic capacity of 400m3/h and a maximum hydraulic capacity of 620m3/h.

Given the high quality of the effluent, it is used to feed a large-scale RO water treatment plant located 12km away, which produces demineralised water for delivery to Dow Chemical.

This project fits the multi-sourcing strategy of Dow Chemical and is a good example of how wastewater can be re-used in an economical and sustainable way.

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