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Norland Managed Services, which has been contracted by a large blue-chip software company to manage and maintain electrical, mechanical and fire-safety systems at its data centre in Dublin, has included IRISS infrared (IR) windows in the enclosure panels specified for this installation as part of a preventative maintenance programme.

The Dublin data centre hosts cloud-based services for the software company’s clients throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The scope of the contract with Norland includes site-based management and a technical team to provide maintenance and 24-hour emergency response.

Norland opted to use IRISS’s standard Custom Application Product (CAP) 12 windows, which are made from polymer materials.

Click on the link above to download the CAP series data sheet.

Key benefits of product application

  • According to Eoin Doherty, Norland’s critical facilities manager, IRISS’s IR windows enable the company to predict failures during thermographic inspection, thereby allowing it to plan maintenance downtime with clients.
  • The CAP 12 windows help Norland and its customer to save time and money while ensuring personnel safety.
  • The 12in-long windows are said to provide the freedom to enable Norland to inspect multiple components.
  • The windows offer advantages including short installation times and low associated costs.
  • The CAP 12 windows allow Norland to perform the regular thermal inspection of three-phase and neutral connections in a busbar connector box; this is an important factor in preventing failure as vibration can often loosen the terminal connections.
  • For Norland and its customer, the potential costs of catastrophic failure and the direct business impact were significantly higher than the capital cost to install the IR windows.
  • Live connections can be seen very clearly on the screen of the thermal-imaging camera — a capability that has already proved useful to the electrical installer when checking the tightness of the installed connections.


IRISS is the manufacturer of the world’s first and only industrial-grade infrared windows. Their design is based on the 17 years of field experience that the company’s founder, Martin Robinson, gained as a Level III thermographer. And it is this end-user perspective that makes IRISS unique in the industry.

IRISS designs and manufacturers IR (Infrared) windows and safety solutions for electrical assets and provides training for electrical engineers.

IRISS provides its customers with unsurpassed quality at every touch point and focusses on continuously improving infrared (IR) window technology, building reliable products, exceeding customer expectations, whilst remaining a science-based R&D company and protecting their polymer IR windows through the IRISS Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

IRISS industrial-grade IR windows facilitate safer, more efficient inspections of energized electrical equipment when compared to traditional crystal windows. IRISS award-winning, IR window designs feature a durable transparent polymer lens that allows visual, UV, and short/mid/longwave IR spectrum inspections. And…is available in custom shapes, sizes, and colours to fit the needs of any application.

As solution providers, the team at IRISS brings a multitude of experience from world-class maintenance programs together to meet the individual needs of commercial, industrial, marine, power generation and government maintenance programs.

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