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Northwire has revealed how it was able to engineer a custom cable solution for a casino’s water theatre after operations were waylaid by a failed underwater cable.

The casino’s application is in a water theatre where the cable controls and powers a moving platform and water jets.

The cable sends signals from a central control computer to system actuators, powering pumps, valves and lighting.

Forensic cable experts referred the contractor responsible for the underwater venue installation to Northwire.

The original cable failed to block water and instead acted like a hose, siphoning water into central control computers, destroying more than USD250,000 (GBP151,800) worth of equipment.

Mike Conger, president of Northwire, said: ‘The customer called late on Friday in need of an urgent solution.

‘Our engineering team translated the customer’s critical-to-quality requirements into several designs, test and development protocols, and rapid prototypes.

‘Results were reported to the customer the following business day.

‘He selected one of several custom solutions; two days later our production team shipped his product,’ he added.

The application demanded water-blocking cable that could withstand 15lb/in2 of water pressure all day, every day.

Northwire provided 6,000ft (1,828.9m) of its underwater cable, which is tested to withstand 100lb/in2.

In addition to being engineered to tolerate submersion in chlorinated water, the customer’s cable specifications required flexibility for installation around concrete pylons and resistance to cuts and abrasions.

Consecutively producing engineered solutions for the contractor for other underwater entertainment venues, Northwire’s continuous test and development methodology ensures the performance of its underwater cable.

The company’s underwater cable offers solutions for fresh water, salt water, chlorine, chemical and solvent environments; and custom designs for power, video, control and data communication needs.

Buoyancy options include neutral, positive and negative.

Underwater cable features premium abrasion-resistant jacket materials and material formulations for specific applications, including a jacket that repels salt water.

Food and Drug Administration-approved materials are also available.

Other special features include various fluid- and water-blocking tapes and fillers, markings on cable for depth, custom jacket colours, custom labelling and overmould compatibility.

Custom constructions include strength members and Kevlar for added pull strength.

Additional applications include power for fountains and other water features, underwater lighting in pools and water features, umbilical cables that attach to sensors and instruments for monitoring water quality and conditions of underwater structures, and control and power cables for underwater theatres.

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