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Thames Water has installed a TR Muncher grinder from NOV Mono at its Banbury sewage treatment works in Oxfordshire to improve efficiency and prevent downtime caused by difficult-to-source spares.

The site was experiencing problems with its existing grinder, which continually broke down and required the quick delivery of replacement parts.

These parts were often difficult and impossible to source, causing unnecessary and lengthy downtime at the works.

To provide a solution to this problem, Thames Water installed a TR Muncher, which is reliable and has spares readily available from Mono’s stocks.

The TR Muncher has been installed to macerate heavy solids and rags within the sewage sludge at a capacity of 100m3/h, prior to the sludge being transferred to a blender tank.

Stocks of Mono parts are held at the company’s head office in Manchester, as well as at UK and international distributor locations.

Same-day delivery is available on request and Mono parts can be purchased online.

The TR Muncher, which has a capacity range of 0-500m3/h raw sewage and operates at pressures of up to 6bar, features twin shaft grinding and is designed specifically for the treatment of abrasive sludges.

The differential speed of the cutter stacks pulls apart fibrous material, while the leading edge and sides of the cutter teeth crop and shear plastic into small pieces.

The circumferential ‘land’ of the cutter crushes friable or brittle material.

The layback cutter shafts on the TR Muncher are set at an angle to the incoming flow.

This more effective design allows the Muncher to capture irregular-shaped objects and, if a rejection cycle is necessary, the object can be dropped into the built-in trash trap, which is set clear of and below the cutter stacks.

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