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Harland Simon UPS has introduced the Novus FXM UPS Series, which provides constant and reliable backup-power for traffic, security and telecommunications applications.

The FXM UPS has an operating temperature range of -40 to +74C, making it suitable for the most extreme operating environments.

Temperature-compensated battery-charging protects batteries from over-charging at extreme temperatures, extending the life of the battery.

The battery used to support the load for the required length of time also has an operating temperature of -40 to +71C, with a typical warranty of five years.

The automatic voltage regulator provides power stability in unpredictable environments and constant voltage during varied power conditions.

The Novus FXM UPS Series switches to emergency backup-power during utility power-failure or interruptions.

It is available with (230V AC) 650, 1100 and 2,000W.

Harland Simon UPS

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