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NSK will exhibit at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show, which is scheduled to be held from 21 October until 4 November.

At its booth, themed ‘Changing Eco, Changing Safety’, the company will show how it responds to the rapidly changing automobile construction and market and how it plans to help reduce CO2 emissions and improve the safety of automobiles of the future.

NSK will showcase products and technologies for electric control, low fuel consumption, compactness and lightness and safety.

The company claims that it focuses on four core technologies: tribology, material technology, mechatronics technology and analytical technology.

NSK will exhibit ultra-high-speed ball bearings for motors and generators in next-generation hybrid cars.

These ball bearings can achieve 30,000rev/min or more, or one-and-a-half times that of conventional bearings, according to the company.

This product is intended to help make a range of next-generation small and large hybrid automobiles to be more fuel efficient and compact.

NSK will also showcase low-friction torque ball bearings for hybrid cars.

Designed for transmissions on the new generation of hybrid automobiles, the new low-torque ball bearings are said to reduce frictional loss (energy loss) by 50 per cent to 65 per cent compared to conventional bearings.

This product has helped with the fuel economy of the Toyota Prius, a hybrid automobile that has realised both low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions.

Also on display will be the company’s integrated gearbox and ECU column-type electric power steering (EPS).

EPS is becoming increasingly popular as a technology for making automobiles more compact and fuel efficient, according to NSK.

The company has integrated the brush motor and the entire mechatronics (ECU, torque sensor board, gearbox and torque sensor coil) into one unit to achieve a short column length for small vehicles.

Compatible with various automobile models, the integrated gearbox and ECU column-type EPS contributes to smooth manoeuvrability and improved fuel economy; it also improves safety with its control technology.

NSK will exhibit a hub unit bearing for BRICs at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The hub unit, or the integrated unit of the hub that is installed on the tyre wheel and the part that is installed on the chassis, is claimed to offer high reliability for BRICs, where the demand for automobiles is on the rise.

The product helps improve the durability of automobiles on rugged road conditions and with a heavy load of passengers or cargo.

At the event, the company will display miniature cages and rollers for planetary gears with high-speed rotation specifications.

Developed using a 1.5mm-diameter roller and a retainer, the compact and light cages and rollers are designed to meet the needs of faster transmissions such as belt CVTs, ATs and hybrid automobile transmissions.

Maximum rotation has been increased to one-and-a-half times that of conventional products.

This product meets the need to improve fuel economy and reduce the size and weight of automobiles.


NSK, a global leader in motion and control products, has developed and continuously upgrades four core technologies: tribology, material engineering, analysis technology and mechatronics, to provide the platform for the company’s innovative product developments. This technology platform provides the basis for the design of NSK’s rolling bearings, automotive components and precision parts. In addition, by integrating these advanced technologies, NSK is able to respond quickly and effectively to customer requirements across all key sectors.

NSK is a driver of new technology developments, with a full line-up of products spanning general industrial, automotive and precision parts industries. These include bearings for mechanical and electrical machinery, IT and aftermarket; innovative automotive products such as electric power steering (EPS) automatic transmission components, steering columns and other steering related products; and precision linear motion components such as linear guides, ballscrews, X-Y tables, mechatronic products and Megatorque motors.

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