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Net Safety Monitoring has announced its launch of an autonomous detection package, the Siteshield Detection System.

The Siteshield design allows packages to be configured and reconfigured for any site’s specific energy demands, environmental conditions and safety requirements.

It is said to be the only autonomous package on the market that provides simultaneous gas and flame detection in a single unit, being compatible with our entire range of advanced sensing technologies.

This includes the Phoenix Triple IR, UV/IR and UV flame detectors; NSM’s full range of fast-response toxic and O2 electrochemical gas sensors; its next-generation nano-enhanced MOS sensors with super-fast H2S response – suitable for hot, dry conditions; poison-resistant catalytic bead sensors with Sensorguard technology, which prolongs sensor life; and dual-beam infrared sensor technology, designed with no mirrors, which are known to become contaminated or misaligned.

Features: available in a stand-alone, dual-sensor detector configuration or in a networked system; communicates with 16 remote sensors (expandable) from a single controller; easily add and subtract detectors to the network at any time without going offline; freewave wireless signals are standard, offering the most robust, license-free communications available; fully encoded, 900MHz signal with high noise immunity and data integrity can travel through obstructions for several kilometers; other signal protocols also available.

This system completely eliminates the time and expense of trenching, cabling and wiring conduit usually required for perimeter/site gas and flame monitoring.

Multiple options are available for: sensors, transmitters, communications, beacons/alarms, mounting, cabling and power supply/generation.

Net Safety Monitoring

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