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Using Solidworks software provided by 3D CAD software company NT CADCAM has helped toy designer and producer Wow! Stuff increase productivity and reduce costs while expanding its product range.

According to Wow! Stuff director Kenny McAndrew, equipping the design team with Solidworks has speeded up product development process by a couple of months.

This capability has enabled the company to get its toys to market significantly faster, with the company estimating that its new product design requirement has multiplied six-fold to around 120 new products annually.

With Solidworks, it has only been necessary to increase the product design team from one to three people – effectively a doubling of productivity.

Prior to buying Solidworks, the toy manufacturer had to rely on rough prototypes and 2D illustrations to convey a concept – but now Wow! Stuff provides 3D diagrams and fully working models prior to production.

The company state that this reduces the chances of costly problems arising.

Wow! Stuff now typically requires two prototypes of a product prior to tooling, driving cost efficiencies.

Solidworks has also proved of real value to Wow! Stuff as it deals with overseas customers and partners.

The software has allowed the company to share information quickly and accurately, thus driving its efficiency, cost-control and time-to-market goals.

NT CADCAM has also provided Solidworks software training for Wow! Stuff’s team, helping them accelerate performance.

New Technology CADCAM is a leading supplier of SolidWorks advanced computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) solutions to the UK's industrial marketplace.

We pride ourselves in providing integrated CADCAM systems that enable our customers to design and develop innovative products that reach their target market sooner, at lower costs, with improved quality, yet sustainable and environmentally aware. At New Technology CADCAM, we focus upon helping our customers design better products, faster.

Our CAD software, SolidWorks, helps your designers be more creative and your engineers be more productive. Our product data management (PDM) software ensures that you avoid costly errors, and our simulation software helps test and verify your designs quickly, reducing the need for expensive physical prototypes. Integrated manufacturing software, CAMWorks, ensures production engineers convert 'art to part' accurately, eliminating any duplication of effort on the shop floor.

New Technology CADCAM 'addressing the challenges of the entire product development cycle'.

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