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Nujira will demonstrate its latest broadband PA reference designs for cellular handsets and base stations at the IEEE MTT 2010 International Microwave Symposium, Anaheim, 23-28 May 2010.

Nujira’s Coolteq.L for handsets is inherently broadband, enabling the creation of a 4G / LTE RF front end that covers three- to five-times the bandwidth of a standard design, with up to double the efficiency.

Only two power amplifiers are required to cover the 23 frequency bands defined in the 3GPP for LTE, and all of the operating modes, compared with seven or more without Nujira’s solution.

This cuts the bill of materials cost for the handset RF front end by up to 50 per cent.

The increase in efficiency radically reduces the peak and average current consumption of the handset PA, which is fast becoming the major design challenge for HSUPA and LTE handsets and USB modems.

Coolteq.L was shortlisted for the 2010 EE Times ACE awards in the Most Promising New Technology category.

The Nujira Coolteq.h power modulator modules for infrastructure products support the development of efficient PA platforms covering the entire 700MHz to 2.1GHz spectrum using just three broadband PA platforms, simplifying product development and enabling OEMs to address the growing portfolio management crisis caused by a growing number of different frequency bands.

Nujira will show solutions for high-power LTE Remote Radio Heads, where the reduction in size, weight and power consumption is enabling a new generation of compact, high-efficiency base stations.

Nujira will exhibit at the show and will be running live demonstrations to selected customers and partners in a private demo suite.

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