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Numonyx has launched a series of NAND flash memory devices for use in wireless, embedded and data storage applications.

Numonyx brings the advanced 41nm technology to popular product solutions and densities many customers require.

These include stand-alone and multi-chip package MLC products at densities of 16Gb to 32Gb; e-MMC managed NAND products from 2GB up to 32GB; and microSD removable cards from 2GB to 8GB.

Numonyx also introduced a 48nm SLC 1Gb NAND product to provide its embedded and wireless customers with higher performing, more secure and longer lasting memory solutions.

To meet the needs of the managed NAND segment – memories with a controller function that manages basic control functions for NAND applications – Numonyx is introducing 41nm managed NAND flash memory devices.

The products are suitable for global positioning systems and other applications requiring large amounts of easy-to-manage storage.

Current wireless customers making feature rich mobile phones will also benefit from the combination of managed NAND and RAM in a multi-chip package solution.

Among comparable solutions, the 32GB eMMC from Numonyx is the highest density available in the industry and is fully compliant with JEDEC eMMC version 4.3 standards.

The eMMC 32GB can store up 16,000 high-resolution digital photos, 8,000 songs, and up to 20 hours of high-definition videos.

The 32GB embedded devices combine eight 32Gbit NAND chips, which are integrated with a dedicated controller.

To meet the requirements of wireless and other battery-operated mobile devices, the device supports a temperature range of -25C to +85C and dual voltage power supply at 1.7V – 1.95V and 2.7V – 3.6V.

Samples of the 32GB density will be available in January 2009.

Numonyx also offers microSD cards to its mobile phone customers in densities from 2GB to 8GB.

MicroSD cards are designed for slot-equipped legacy mobile phones and can hold a maximum capacity of 2GB.

The latest microSDHC cards are available in 4GB and 8GB (SDA Speed Class 6), and are ideal for newer mobile phone models, most of which are compatible with these higher capacity cards.

To help protect data from malicious attack or applications from being modified unintentionally, the Numonyx 48nm 1Gb SLC NAND includes an extra 128Kbytes one-time programmable (OTP) block to help ensure that data stored on it cannot be modified or corrupted.

In addition, the Numonyx 1Gb SLC NAND improves memory performance, doubling the speed at which the device reads data from 13MB per seconds to 26MB per second.

At 48nm, Numonyx 1Gb SLC NAND program operations move four-times faster and erase operations are eight-times faster than 90nm devices – resulting in more powerful applications and a better user experience.

To help extend memory life, the Numonyx 48nm 1Gb SLC NAND delivers the standard ECC option of one bit per each 528 bytes of address space, allowing easy migration for applications requiring one bit ECC without software upgrades or hardware changes.

The Numonyx 48nm 1Gb NAND device is produced on 300mm processes, providing its customer base with a long-life supply.

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