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A German nut processor has cut average giveaway from 2 to 0.4g per 200g can of nuts by switching from volumetric methods to Ishida multihead weighers.

An flexible system that consists of two Ishida weighers in a paired parallel configuration has been installed for packing high-value nuts into cans with reclosable plastic lids.

Nuts can be fed to one or both weighers and each weigher can double-discharge – ie, function as two separate weighers and discharge accurate weighments into two cans at once – for added speed.

The two streams of filled cans, one from each weigher, then converge for sealing under modified atmosphere, followed by coding.

The new weighers have a ‘paired hopper’ design.

While each has 12 weighing heads and 12 pool hoppers, each pool hopper feeds two weigh hoppers, making 24 in total.

The speed and accuracy achieved is therefore said to be what might be expected of a much bigger multihead.

These weighers, with their compact 0.8l hoppers, are suitable for the relatively small target weights involved.

Another advantage of the weighers is their compact design, which enables them to fit into a height-restricted area, while leaving room for throat metal detectors on all the outlets.

The new line has cut giveaway on a 200g can from 2g to 0.4 g, a reduction of 80 per cent.

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