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NXP has introduced the LPC11C12 and LPC11C14 devices, featuring Controller Area Network (CAN) 2.0B-compliant controllers for industrial and embedded networking applications.

With the introduction of the LPC11C00 series, NXP provides a low-cost entry-point and total CAN solution.

Incorporating CANopen drivers in on-chip ROM provides design engineers with simple API commands to the CANopen protocol, enabling rapid integration of the LPC11C00 series into CAN-based networks.

These drivers provide defined CAN and CANopen APIs to simplify CAN application development.

The following functions are included in the API: CAN setup and initialisation; CAN send and receive messages; CAN status; CANopen Object Dictionary; CANopen SDO expedited communication; CANopen SDO segmented communication primitives and CANopen SDO fall-back handler.

These drivers are incorporated in low-power ROM, freeing up to 8kB of user code space and offering reduced operating power and secure, safe bootloads via CAN or other on-chip serial channels.

Updating Flash via In System Programming (ISP) over the CAN-bus enables the programming of blank parts in production through to changing system parameters to full in-field re-programmability.

The LPC11C00 requires 40-50 per cent smaller code size than 8/16 bit microcontrollers for most common microcontroller tasks.

This is enabled by the Cortex-M0 v6-M instruction set, which is built on 16-bit Thumb instructions.

With over 45 DMIPS of performance, the LPC11C00 series provides powerful message and data handling for CAN device nodes, together with a power-optimised solution unavailable with 8-/16-bit microcontrollers.

Other features of the LPC11C12/C14 include: 50MHz Cortex-M0 processor with SWD/debug (four break-points; 32 vectored interrupts; four priority levels; dedicated interrupts on up to 13 GPIOs; CAN 2.0 B C_CAN controller with on-chip CANopen drivers; UART, 2 SPI and I2C (FM+); two 16-bit and 2 32-bit timers with PWM/match/capture and one 24-bit system timer; 12MHz internal RC oscillator with one per cent accuracy over temperature and voltage; power-on-reset; multi-level brown out detect; 10-50MHz phase-locked loop; eight-channel high-precision 10-bit ADC with +/-1LSB DNL; 42 fast 5V tolerant GPIO pins, high drive (20mA) on select pins; single 1.8-3.6V power supply; and 6.5kV ESD for rugged applications.

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