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The NXP TV550 is a single-chip LCD TV platform that allows viewers to enjoy HD digital television and internet content with excellent picture quality on mid-range televisions.

The NXP TV550 platform features the PNX85500 processor and integrates NXP’s proprietary Motion Accurate Picture Processing (MAPP2) technology.

The NXP TV550 allows manufacturers to offer a range of advanced high definition television features, only previously available in high-end sets.

The TV550’s combination of NXP’s digital television processing and picture quality technology in a single-chip delivers a production-ready reference design that speeds-up development and reduces costs.

The NXP TV550 features DVB-T, MPEG4/H.264 decode, HDMI reception and decoding of digital SD and HD content.

It supports global digital television switchovers and offers advanced programming, Ethernet and CI+ security features to ease the delivery of IP TV content, including emerging on-demand television services, from service providers straight to the television set.

The NXP TV550 features NXP’s proprietary renewed MAPP2 technology on its PNX5120 video processor.

MAPP2 removes the visible halo effect in motion pictures.

The integrated platform also allows television manufacturers to widen the availability of high-end features, including LED (2D) sectional backlight dimming, guaranteeing optimum contrast and up to 50 per cent lower power consumption in digital television processing.

The PNX85500 digital television processor is manufactured on 45nm technology, allowing tighter integration between picture quality processor and digital television platform.

In addition to the Motion Accurate Picture Processing engine, the single-chip PNX85500 contains dual cores, with a processor dedicated to running main application software and one responsible for real-time media processing.

NXP TV550 is the first platform to integrate NXP’s latest hybrid silicon tuner (TDA18272), which complies with global analogue and digital television standards while lowering overall tuner system size and cost.

The TV550 chipset also includes the TDA9996 HDMI switch, enabling viewers to control four separate devices from one remote control through separate HDMI connectors.

The platform offers a complete driver-set accessible via standard APIs.

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