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NXP Semiconductors has unveiled intelligent switches supporting the HDMI 1.4 specification.

The NXP TDA19997 and TDA19998 smart switches support the Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature, an option introduced in the HDMI 1.4 release, which reduces the number of cables required to deliver audio upstream for processing and playback.

Building on the success of previous HDMI smart switches from NXP, the TDA19997 and TDA19998 include support for all mandatory 3D over HDMI features.

NXP is the one of the first semiconductor companies to deliver silicon supporting HDMI 1.4.

The Audio Return Channel specified in HDMI 1.4 enables HDTVs directly receiving audio and video content to send the audio stream to an amplification system over the HDMI cable, eliminating the need for an extra cable.

The NXP TDA19997 and TDA19998 smart switches also include built-in auto-adaptive equalisers that can handle up to four HDMI 1.4 inputs, automatically maintaining audiovisual quality over HDMI cables up to 30m in length.

Their highly integrated design eliminates the need for external components, reducing the overall Bill of Materials for TV manufacturers, while delivering an enhanced viewing experience.

The TDA19997 and TDA19998 are embedded with five EDID extensions for HDMI and VGA, as well as high levels of ESD protection.

The TDA19998 smart switches take advantage of NXP’s F3 architecture, which guarantees fast port switching between HDMI devices while keeping a secured HDCP-protected HDMI stream at the output.

The F3 architecture also enables best-in-class power efficiency of all systems in active and standby modes.

The NXP TDA19997 and TDA19998 comprise the second generation of NXP’s HDMI smart switches, and are part of a portfolio of scalable solutions for the digital home, enabling TV makers to target a broad audience.

The TDA19997 and TDA19998 are pin-to-pin compatible with previous generation smart switches from NXP and provide TV makers with flexibility in adapting to end-user demand.

Engineering samples of the TDA19997 are available immediately from NXP.

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