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The O6 Wetline range of photoelectric sensors from IFM Electronic has been designed for applications characterised by wet production areas such those found in food environments.

The compact food-grade photocells are manufactured from stainless steel. They are IP69K rated and are claimed to offer excellent optical performance.

The O6H variant is a diffuse reflection sensor with background suppression designed to detect the direct reflection from an object without sensing what is behind it. It has a sensing distance of up to 200m regardless of the colour of the target object. Black objects (with six per cent remission) do not pose a problem.

The O6 Wetline range also includes standard (energetic) diffuse reflection types, with a range up to 500mm; retro-reflective (reflex) versions with 5m range; and through-beam (transmitter/receiver) with 10m range.

Key features and benefits

  • The O6H sensor has built-in compensation of the detection in the case of steam and mist — ideal for wet environments where fine water droplets can cause unwanted reflection.
  • Accurate sensing is aided by maintaining a tight beam (light spot diameter of 8mm even at the 200m range).
  • The sensor’s optics are capable of ignoring shiny surfaces behind the target and also below the light beam path.
  • Issues with unwanted signals caused by stainless steel target surfaces not being precisely perpendicular have been eliminated.
  • The O6 sensor housing has been autoclave tested and repeatedly submerged in boiling water and then ice water, proving its resistance to steam and temperature shock.
  • All significant IP tests have been passed: IP65 for cold water jets from one direction; IP67 for 0.1 bar immersion for 30 minutes; IP68 for cold water immersion at 0.1 bar for seven days; and IP69K for hot water jets (80°C) at 80–100 bar from four directions over two minutes.
  • The O6 range will operate in temperatures of up to 80°C (from -25°C).
  • All variants are available with either a 2m fixed cable or a short cable fitted with an M12 connector.
  • All O6 types can switch light-on or dark-on (equating to normally open or normally closed) and both PNP and NPN switching variants are on offer.
  • Accessories include stainless steel mounting brackets, the EVT range of mating M12 connectors and chemically resistant reflectors.

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