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Objectif Lune, a provider of variable-data document production software solutions, has announced the release of the seventh generation of the Planetpress Suite.

According to the company, this version – for transactional and transpromo document creation and processing – includes features redefining the underlying concept of variable-data printing.

Planetpress Suite Version 7 has introduced a feature called Document Input, which offers the capability to use data as input and fully composed documents created with any Windows application.

This feature is intended to allow users to capture and process fully composed documents to enrich and repurpose them.

Its ability to extract text content from the existing documents allows it to apply business rules to the document, whether to add or modify contents, apply finishing options, set distribution and archiving rules or split/concatenate existing jobs.

Document Input can process any PDF file or print stream sent to the Objectif Lune printer driver by any Windows application.

Users will be able to enrich existing documents with a barcode, specify variable finishing options based on text found in specific regions of a document, extract addresses for mail automation, add graphics or transpromo messages and replace company logos and information.

Didier Gombert, chief executive officer of Objectif Lune, said: ‘We developed this new version with one idea in mind: demystifying the concept of variable-data printing for every business, providing them with an innovative method to make the most out of their existing business documents while bringing a solution that is more simple to demonstrate and explain.

‘In times like these, it is important for software developers to create solutions that allow every organisation to optimise their business processes and reduce their costs.

‘Finding new applications and re-engineering internal document-related processes can have a significant impact on operations.

‘Our new version of the Planetpress Suite will assist our customers in doing just that,’ he added.

Version 7 includes a number of enhancements, such as Vista/Server 2008 support, numerous PDF handling tools and a revised interface to allow for easier document design and automated process creation.

Gombert said: ‘This new version of our software suite not only simplifies the use of variable-data printing for our customers, but also for our hundreds of partners worldwide with the simplification of its demonstration, facilitating the production of proof of concepts, shortening the sales cycle and quote generation process, while allowing them to revisit their installed base with new application possibilities.’

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