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Ocean Optics has added triggering functions to its USB2000 miniature spectrometer that are designed to provide accurate timing and synchronisation between the spectrometer and other devices.

Four low-jitter trigger modes and normal (free-running spectral acquisition) operating modes are now available, according to the company.

The USB2000 can be triggered so that sending the spectrometer a pulse causes it to do something such as a turn off or on a light, activate a pulse in a pulsed light source or start or end spectral acquisition in the spectrometer.

The miniature spectrometer incorporates an on-board programmable high-speed FPGA controller, a 22-pin connector and eight user-programmable digital I/Os.

Trigger modes

  • External software trigger — while the spectrometer is in free-running mode, data collected in the period up to the triggering event is transferred to software
  • External hardware level trigger — the spectrometer waits for a sharp rise in voltage on the trigger input pin and then acquires spectra until the voltage is removed
  • External synchronous trigger — the spectrometer acquires data from an external trigger event (such as a pushbutton) until the next time the trigger is activated, at which time the spectrometer ceases spectral acquisition and begins a new acquisition
  • External hardware edge trigger — the spectrometer waits for a sharp rise in voltage on the trigger input pin and then acquires one spectrum; one spectrum will be acquired for each trigger unless an acquisition is already in progress

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