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Ocean Optics has introduced Raysphere, a portable optical measurement system designed to make absolute irradiance measurements of solar simulators and other radiant sources, over different spectral ranges from the UV to the NIR.

Raysphere measures and analyses the performance and stability of solar flashers, which are used within the photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing process for the binning of cells according to spectral response.

The device includes two thermo-electrically cooled detectors that are claimed to provide highly repeatable and accurate spectral analysis of solar flashers, from 380Nm to 1,700Nm, while a second version contains a single cooled detector for measurement to 1,100Nm. 

According to Ocean Optics, the quick measurement times of Raysphere enable the detection of a complete spectrum during a flash, or even during a portion of a flash.

Key features

  • Provides irradiance measurements from 380–1,700Nm
  • Validated by an accredited certification lab, to provide evaluation according to the IEC60904-9 (2007) norm
  • Includes software interface
  • Measurement can be triggered by a fast-response photodiode, which reacts on the increasing intensity of the flashlight

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