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Antiques appraiser Guan Haisen is using technology from Ocean Optics in China’s Beijing Antique City to separate authentic ceramic antiques from fake ones.

Haisen is employing a LIBS system with a QE65000 spectrometer to help him to identify artificially aged ceramics and artefacts.

The LIBS system uses a laser to ‘burn’ away a very tiny area (invisible to the naked eye) of the object under test, causing a plasma to form.

The plasma is then analysed for the key elements of interest, such as chemicals used to simulate the process of aging.

The entire test takes less than 30 seconds.

LIBS analysis is said to bring a level of technical accuracy to antique identification.

In selecting a system for this relatively new application, the accuracy of the spectrometer and software were very important to Haisen.

Portability and accuracy in the field were also important considerations as the appraiser often travels to the object, rather than delicate items being shipped to the laboratory.

In addition, Ocean Optics’ flexibility enabled Haisen to design a new configuration for the LIBS system, essentially creating an entirely new product specifically for his needs.

LIBS systems are used in a variety of other applications, such as RoHS screening, gem origin determination and elemental determinations in mixed powders.

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