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Ocean Optics has launched a range of aberration-corrected holographic concave diffraction grating spectrometers, suitable for providing the absorbance measurements of optically dense solutions.

The new range delivers low stray light, high throughput and excellent thermal stability and is also suitable for providing fluorescence measurements in solutions and powders.

Torus is a compact visible spectrometer (360-825nm) with greater throughput and less stray light (~0.015 per cent at 400nm) than planar grating and other miniature spectrometers.

A flat field optical design and a reflective holographic concave grating disperses light; the concavity of the Torus’s grating reflects and focuses the light and the grating groove pattern disperses the light.

The toroidal nature of the grating further enhances the aberration correction and efficiency.

According to the company, Torus is also distinguished by excellent optical resolution (less than 1.6nm FWHM with a 25um slit installed in the optical bench) and good thermal stability – wavelength drift is mitigated and peak shape stays the same over a wide temperature range (~0-50C).

For experiment setups, the Torus spectrometer interfaces to a computer via its USB port and couples to Ocean Optics accessories.

The Torus model is available with a variety of slits, filters and other optical bench accessories for optimising configurations.

Free-space optical coupling is accommodated with a standard C-mount adapter.

Torus operates via Ocean Optics’ Spectrasuite Spectroscopy software, which runs in Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems and is compatible with the company’s Omnidriver and Seabreeze software development platforms.

Software is available separately.

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Ocean Optics is a diversified electro-optics technology company and a global leader in solutions for optical sensing – fundamental methods of measuring and interpreting the interaction of light with matter.

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Recognized as the inventor of miniature fibre optic spectroscopy, we’ve sold more than 150,000 spectrometers worldwide since 1989. As a result of the dramatic reduction in size and cost, applications once deemed too costly or impractical using conventional spectrometers were not only feasible, but practical. Nowadays our spectrometers can be found anywhere: on treetops in jungles, on oil rigs at sea, on rocket ships in space and even inside the human body.

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