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Versalogic has introduced the Ocelot: a small, fanless single-board computer (SBC) featuring the new Stackable Unified Module Interconnect Technology (SUMIT) expansion interface.

The Ocelot takes advantage of all the features of Intel’s latest-generation Atom processor (Z5xx series), which was designed specifically for embedded applications.

Based upon Intel’s 45nm Hi-k metal gate silicon technology, the new Z5xx series Atom chip offers high performance (up to 1.6GHz), reduced power requirements and excellent power management capabilities, according to the company.

The Z5xx Atom processors draw about 50 per cent less power than the previous-generation N2xx Atom processors.

In addition, the Z5xx series offers an Atom processor chip that is rated for extended temperature operation.

Leveraging the high-performance/low-power capabilities of the new Z5xx Atom processor and its US15WP(T) chipset, Ocelot is suitable for thermally constrained embedded applications that can benefit from fanless operation.

This compact SBC is suitable for embedded military/aerospace applications, medical devices, robotics, factory automation and other OEM markets where a small footprint, reduced power draw (7W typical) and fanless operation are crucial design factors.

Based on the PC/104 industry-standard footprint of 3.55in x 3.78in, the Ocelot features the new SUMIT expansion scheme developed by the Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG).

The SUMIT interface supports a variety of expansion options including high-speed PCI Express (PCIe) lanes and USB, SPI and LPC signals.

The Ocelot also includes a PC/104 (ISA) connector for compatibility with legacy PC/104 expansion products.


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