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Tecnica UK is using an OCF high-performance compute system to reduce processing time of its complex 3D computer simulations – in use during the forge design process – by up to 80 per cent.

The bespoke design, implementation, configuration and support of the entire high-performance compute (HPC) system is provided by OCF.

Tecnica can also use performance from the HPC system proportionately – for example it can use performance from all 16 cores of the HPC system on a single large simulation (and run other simulations sequentially).

Alternatively, it can use performance from four cores, for example, on a first smaller simulation, four cores on a second smaller simulation and so on (running smaller simulations concurrently).

The ability to run smaller simulations concurrently – potentially for different customers – enables Tecnica to complete more simulations in less time, increasing productivity and ultimately increasing profit.

Using the HPC system to make its simulation process more efficient, Tecnica is helping customers reduce time spent on the overall forge design process and helping them to bring products to market more quickly.

OCF’s HPC system design consists of an IBM System x3655 server and IBM System x3455 server, both with AMD Opteron Dual-Core processors.

The design also includes Acoustirack, a sound-proofed rackmount cabinet, which enables Tecnica to house the HPC system in its main office without the noise affecting staff productivity or breaching Health and Safety regulations.

The Acoustirack was also selected by OCF because of its built-in cooling fans, which help to remove heat from the system.

The HPC system was pre-built at the OCF office in Sheffield, which meant OCF could deliver, implement and configure the HPC system in just a few days.

In addition, Tecnica is making use of OCF’s HPC system support service, which includes remote management of the HPC system (via the internet), telephone support and face-to-face support, if required.


OCF is a high performance computing, storage and data analytics provider. We successfully meet the significant big data challenges of UK organisations. OCF provides solutions to over 20% of the UK’s Universities and Research Councils as well as a number of commercial clients from a range of industries.

OCF specialises in supporting the significant big data challenges of private and public UK organisations. Our in-house team and extensive partner network can design, integrate, manage or host the high performance compute, storage hardware and analytics software necessary for customers to extract value from their data. With a 14-year heritage in HPC, managing big data challenges, OCF now works with over 20 per cent of the UK’s Universities, Higher Education Institutes and Research Councils, as well as commercial clients from the automotive, aerospace, financial, manufacturing, media, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and utilities industries.

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