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Octasic has developed a power-efficient range of DSP solutions for media gateways, high-definition (HD) video and wireless systems.

The OCT2200 series of devices uses the Opus DSP core architecture to enable system designers to achieve low power consumption and high performance in the same device.

The company claims that it offers both simultaneously in a software-programmable solution.

Devices based on the second generation of the Opus DSP core (Opus2) can deliver more than 36 GMACs with less than 55mW of power consumption per GMAC under worst-case process, voltage and temperature (PVT) conditions.

The OCT2200 series brings all the advantages of asynchronous circuits to a range of DSP applications.

Incorporating up to 24 Opus2 DSP cores with a set of input/output (I/O) interfaces and an optional ARM core provides an ideal platform for a range of applications.

The first two members of the OCT2200 range are the OCT2224M for media processing and the OCT2224W for wireless baseband applications.

Targeted media applications include wireline and wireless media gateways; IP PBXs; audio/video transcoding gateways; HD video conferencing and streaming; video surveillance; digital video recorders (DVRs); and medical imaging.

Targeted wireless applications include base-station products with single-chip femtocell and picocell solutions and multi-chip macrocells.

With the OCT2200 series, Octasic is also releasing Opus Studio, an integrated graphical development environment enabling customers to quickly begin the development of various applications.

In addition to developing their own code, customers can draw on an extensive set of libraries for voice, video, radio-frequency and generic signal processing.

The performance of the OCT2224M device for media processing enables complete encoding for two 1,080p video streams simultaneously with no dedicated hardware acceleration.

Built on the same technology, the OCT2224W device for wireless baseband applications can implement a complete multi-standard picocell that can provide LTE, Wimax, HSPA+, Edge or any other commercial wireless standard.

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