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ODVA has launched an energy initiative, in cooperation with suppliers including Cisco Systems, Rockwell Automation and Schneider Electric, to transform the industrial energy resource allocation model.

The goal of ODVA’s energy initiative is to develop a comprehensive approach to the optimisation of energy usage for the industrial consumer that is scalable, open and inclusive for both users and suppliers.

ODVA’s energy approach will simplify the ability to understand energy consumption and enable control methodologies to optimise energy usage throughout the industrial ecosystem from the plantfloor to the grid.

Although understanding energy consumption is critical to truly optimising plantwide operations, production planners have not had all the necessary tools.

ODVA seeks to change this situation by fostering best practices in energy-resource allocation, including visibility of energy data throughout the layers of the production information systems.

‘The starting point for ODVA’s energy initiative is to ensure that energy data can be seen throughout the production domain in order to empower industrial consumers with the energy information they need to solve their energy consumption and efficiency problems in a holistic manner,’ said Katherine Voss, executive director, ODVA.

ODVA’s energy initiative is the result of a lengthy investigation by ODVA and its leadership into the energy needs of industry, combined with the strong interest by ODVA members to support the sustainability objectives of manufacturers.

It is a natural expansion of ODVA’s application coverage for industrial automation and ODVA expects broad participation and support by many of its members.

As the first action in its Energy initiative, ODVA has formed a special-interest group (SIG) to develop specification enhancements for energy applications utilising the Common Industrial Protocol.

The work of the SIG will focus on developing energy parameters, objects and services for energy optimisation.

Initial enhancements of the ODVA specifications are expected to be available in 2012.

ODVA will present an overview of its vision for optimisation of energy usage for the industrial consumer at its 2011 Industry Conference and 14th Annual meeting, to be held 1-3 March 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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