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Oerlikon, an industrial brand of the Air Liquide Welding Group, has launched Carbofil Gold, a solid MAG wire for welding structural steels produced with Metal Hybrid Coating technology.

Carbofil Gold welding wire, with Metal Hybrid Coating (MHC) technology, improves the welding process – the arc is stable under both CO2 and mixed shielding gases, resulting in less spatter and less time required for final joint cleaning.

In addition, Oerlikon said that Carbofil Gold wire has efficient and effective start and stop characteristics.

The MHC coating reduces the glide force through the liner, improving wire feeding properties and reducing peeling and clogged liners.

Contact tip wear is also reduced, meaning less downtime.

Carbofil Gold is available with two different chemical analyses (both ER70S-6 according AWS A 5.18 standard): Carbofil 1 Gold with G 42 4 M G3Si1 or G 42 3C G3Si1 classification according ISO 14341-A standard.

Carbofil 1A Gold with G 46 4 M G4Si1 or G 46 3 C G4Si1 classification according ISO 14341-A standard.

Carbofil Gold is supplied on B300 spools (16kg) and in drums (300kg) for automatic or robotic applications.

The Easy Opening Box system for the spool packaging guarantees better safety and less downtime, resulting in greater productivity.

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