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Oerlikon has launched Citoarc HPF, a range of electronic equipment for MMA and TIG lift welding.

This range of equipment is based on an updated inverter, introducing the High Power Factor (HPF) function.

HPF is a device that harmonises current absorption, reducing current peaks and network disturbance.

This inverter technology ensures full conformance to Directive EN 61000-3-12, which is now becoming mandatory.

The reduced current allows welding at 180A when connected to a domestic power supply (fuse 16A).

In addition, the equipment’s ergonomic design has been improved.

Features of the Citoarc HPF include: increased performance – 160A at 40 per cent for 4mm electrodes; enhanced welding characteristics, with an updated microprocessor; advanced motor generator compatibility; reduced current consumption (15A RMS); high reliability; fully functional with very long cables (70m, 2.5mm2 section cables); low weight of 6.6kg; ergonomic design.

The use of a non-metallic rigid frame makes the equipment sturdy with increased protection of the control panel.

These features make Citoarc HPF suitable for a wide variety of applications – it can be used for all maintenance and repair jobs in the workshop or outside, connected via a domestic plug or a motor generator – giving complete flexibility, wherever welding equipment is needed.

The welding characteristics are optimised, to allow welding with the majority of electrode types (with the exception of cellulosic) in all positions, meeting the needs of welders all over the world.

Using modular components, machine assembly has been greatly simplified, reducing the number of parts and consequently achieving higher levels of reliability and durability.

This technology also features multiple thermal sensors, positioned exactly where the highest temperatures are reached and need to be monitored.

This also contributes to increased reliability of the product during use.

Finally, this equipment is compliant to EN 61000-3-12, which will limit the use of this type of welding equipment when connected to the low-voltage public network.

Citoarc HPF is fully compliant and can be used everywhere, connected to both the public and private power networks.

The Citoarc HPF range comprises the 1400 HPF (140A at 40 per cent), 1600 HPF (160A at 30 per cent), and the 1800 HPF (180A at 20 per cent).

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