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Two Powerperfector units have been installed at the London premises of Ofgem, the Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets, which protects consumers of gas and electricity.

Ofgem promotes competition and regulates the monopoly of companies running gas and electric networks.

Working on five themes for energy sustainability, including energy efficiency, it is the organisation’s role to shape the future of electricity and gas supply in the UK.

As a result, the internal efficiency of its energy usage is paramount.

Kim Pivett, head of building services at Ofgem, said: ‘[The Powerperfector units] have now been operating for more than six months and, from careful analysis of electricity consumption, it is clear that an average reduction in usage of 9.1 per cent has been achieved.

‘This is equivalent to an annual CO2 saving of 165.7 tonnes.

‘The savings in consumption and associated emissions are also going a long way towards helping us achieve our Sustainable Development Action Plan targets.

‘We are also delighted with the ancillary benefits of Powerperfector, particularly the protection it provides from transients, the extension of equipment life due to reduced strain and reduced kVA demand charges.’

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