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Atlas Copco’s introduction of its all-new range of OGP+ generators takes all the advantages of on-site oxygen generation to a completely new level. In a compact, complete design concept, inspired by customer needs, OGP+ offers best in class in performance, productivity, reliability, ease of use, cost saving, and self-regulation. 

By optimising PSA technology, the OGP+ sets new efficiency standards. At full load, it consumes 30% less feed air to produce the same amount of oxygen as a traditional generator. As a result, operators enjoy double-digit reductions in the total cost per unit of oxygen

Atlas Copco oxygen generators use pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. In the OGP+ generator, continuous, automated feed air monitoring protects the integrity of the zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) material that separates the oxygen from the incoming air. In addition, the OGP+ monitors every unit of oxygen it produces. If any purity issues arise, the generator intervenes and (if pre-set to do so by the user) stops the oxygen from reaching the application until the purity level is restored.

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The OGP+ unit produces oxygen of up to 95% purity, offering a more cost-efficient solution for high purity applications than delivered supplies. The exact purity level can be set at the push of a button. High purity production demands more energy, so for industrial applications that do not need 95% purity, the OGP+ delivers immediate operational cost savings.

The OGP+ introduces additional energy savings at low load with its in-house developed Variable Cycle Saver (VCS) technology. VCS optimises the PSA cycle to reduce the air requirement to what is needed to generate a lower volume of oxygen. By eliminating energy waste during lower demand, VCS generates up to 70% extra energy savings

The OGP+ also saves production floor space. Thanks to its optimal utilisation of the ZMS, and the in-house designed aluminum adsorbers, the generator occupies a very compact footprint.

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Advanced features and benefits

The OGP+ is available in 8 models with a flow capacity ranging from 2-37 Nm³/h.

Each machine is complete with an O2 sensor, digital flow meter, and pressure regulator included as standard. Advanced features include a controller with a large HD colour touchscreen that offers easy gas purity selection, purity alerts, and connectivity options. In addition to feed air and oxygen purity monitoring and interception, automatic start-up allows for plug-and-play installation. At the same time, the zirconia oxygen sensor’s long lifetime contributes to reduced service intervention needs and costs.

Compared to delivered oxygen supplies or other on-site generators, the OGP+ really raises the bar for all key benchmarks, from efficiency to performance and reliability,” said Ben John, Business Line Manager at Industrial Air, Atlas Copco UK “Customers enjoy a stable oxygen supply and purity at a significantly lower cost per unit of oxygen”.

Atlas Copco Compressors

Atlas Copco Compressors is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient compressed air systems and vacuum pumps. In the UK the company offers a nationwide sales, service and distribution network and specialist compressed air advice and service to UK compressed air and vacuum users. Our product portfolio covers oil-free air compressors, oil-lubricated air compressors, centrifugal compressors, high-pressure compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers, engineered air and gas compressors, nitrogen generators; air treatment equipment such as dryers, receivers, and air line filters, as well as aluminium pipework for compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen and other gases.

Atlas Copco Compressors is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient compressed air systems and industrial gas generators. In the UK the company has a nationwide sales, service and distribution network to support compressed air and industrial gas users in all industries. Our product portfolio includes oil-free air compressors, oil-lubricated air compressors, air blowers, nitrogen and oxygen generators; air treatment equipment such as dryers, receivers, and filters, as well as pipework. We provide parts and service for any brand of air compressor and we can advise on energy efficiency, system optimisation and connectivity solutions.

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