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OGP has introduced its smart metrology concept, which is derived from the company’s Smartscope range of multi-probe measuring systems.

Smart metrology represents OGP measuring systems that provide users with the required intelligence to adjust and control manufacturing processes via the presentation of easy-to-interpret measurement data.

The company claims that there are many measuring machines on the market capable of finding out-of-tolerance components that inevitably get designated as expensive rework or scrap.

However, by applying the concept of smart metrology, users can ‘short cut’ directly to any underlying problems in the manufacturing process that might be causing discrepancies.

While the latest OGP systems offer a range of multi-probe options, including touch, video and laser, measurement technology is said to be more than simply probes and sensors.

For instance, in terms of hardware, a rigid and well-engineered metrology frame is essential to carry the metrology devices (which must be calibrated within the system) and to help attain repeatable, reliable and accurate data.

For manufacturers that want to reduce statistical ‘noise’ (quantities of unexplained variation found in sample measurement), smart metrology solutions can help users to monitor data and discover what needs to be done in order to hold manufacturing processes at nominal.

Novel software presents measurement data in ‘layman’ terms, deskilling the task of process interrogation.

The report format allows customers to adjust manufacturing processes so that not only is scrap controlled immediately but the amount of inspection required is also reduced, thereby introducing direct savings to the bottom line.

According to the company, it frequently encounters manufacturers enduring +/-30 per cent statistical noise, where peak-to-peak values quantify scrap components.

However, using the concept of smart metrology, it is said to be possible to reduce noise to within +/-10 per cent – a figure targeted by manufacturers operating in demanding sectors such as automotive.

For example, the deployment of OGP’s Smartscope multi-probe technology to measure cylinder heads is proving particularly effective.

Using a single system operating in a single temperature environment, measuring machine operators have the ability to switch between touch, video and laser probes/sensors without physical changeover, handling or the need to reset any alignments.

Conventional camera-based measuring systems with added laser technology have left many users dissatisfied as a result of the inevitable compromise to the working distance of the optics, leaving their true potential unfulfilled.

However, Smartscope CNC measuring machines are claimed to negate this issue thanks to the proprietary Telestar through-the-lens (TTL) laser.

TTL means that there is no offset between the laser and the optics, allowing users to measure recesses up to 200mm deep without obstruction issues.

Telestar can still measure when its path is blocked by up to 60 per cent.

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