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Cropico has introduced the digital ohmmeter D07Plus, designed to improve the accuracy to which low resistance can be measured.

Adding to the popular Cropico digital micro ohmmeter range, the rugged D07Plus simplifies resistance associated with electrical connections, weld integrity, cable and joint resistance, electric motors and other engineering applications.

Accurate to within 0.05 per cent, lead resistance errors are eliminated with the incorporation of four-wire technology.

Advanced features include seven selectable measurement ranges, extending from 0.1ohms to 6ohms, in addition to a 10A measuring current.

The D07Plus is capable of recording and storing 1,000 measurements plus sequences.

There is an option for selecting continuous or pulsed current output.

A long-scale count meter (up to 60,000) enables the automatic averaging of forward and reverse measurements, which can then be downloaded to a PC or printer if required via a full serial RS232 or USB outlet port.

A Qwerty keyboard and LCD graphics panel have been incorporated to allow for quick access and control.

Other features include temperature compensation, full cooling curve facilities with built-in graphical plotting, remote start facility and digital calibration.

Remote power is provided by rechargeable batteries, which provide up to one hour’s continuous use at the lowest ranges and 20 hours for all others.

A mains cord is also supplied as standard together with test leads, user manual and instructional CD-Rom.

Specialist test leads and calibration standards are also available form Cropico.

The D07Plus comes sealed in an impact-resistant, 5kg ABS case, which is capable of withstanding the harshest field conditions.

In addition to English, French, German, Spanish or Italian languages can be selected.

Cropico manufactures a range of specialist instrumentation designed for a wide variety of precision measurement applications.

Resistance measurement – Cropico’s comprehensive range of digital milliohmmeters is designed for the highly accurate precision measurement of low resistance values in a wide variety of electrical, electronic, industrial and engineering applications. The ohmmeter range includes microhmmeters, milliohmmeters, digital and portable ohmmeters.

Temperature measurement – Cropico also supplies a range of highly accurate digital thermometers and thermocouples with PT25 / PT 100 sensor for use in calibration laboratories as well as in applications associated with the aerospace and pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other process industry sectors.

Decade Boxes and Resistance standards – for precision measurement applications and the calibration of laboratory or workplace equipment.

Cable clamps and testers – Cropico also supplies a range of cable and harness testers.

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