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Lemoine, the UK distributor of the DPI range of oil-free metalworking fluids, has announced the launch of the SKV range.

The technology employed by DPI in creating its SKV range of oil-free metalworking fluids allows modern machine tools to operate at their optimum performance, without using oils, solvents, or petroleum-based products for cutting fluids.

These biodegradable, ester-based, cutting fluids offer numerous benefits relating to profitability and the environment.

Of interest is the fact that users only require one base fluid for all metal-cutting applications.

The same fluid that is used for turning and milling can, with the addition of an anti-foaming additive, be used for grinding.

As all combinations of the fluid are compatible, there is no cross-contamination if components are moved from one machining process to another.

This allows users to reduce the volume and variety of fluids that they need to stock.

Added to this cost saving is the fact that the fluid is inert and does not react to its working environment, which eliminates the growth of bacteria and the smell associated with coolant that has been contaminated.

Of course, this also has the effect of improving the health and safety of machine operators who are no longer at risk of dermatological infections, while at the same time eliminating the need to replace the coolant on a regular basis as can be the case with oil-based coolants.

The move to oil-free metalworking fluids has other benefits that may not always surface when evaluating cutting fluid costs, the company said.

The absence of oil reduces the viscosity of the fluid, meaning that when the component is removed from the machine tool it is virtually free of coolant.

This eliminates the requirement for degreasing operations and as the swarf is also oil-free, it has an enhanced scrap value.

The elimination of degreasing is helping to save Denso, a manufacturer of automotive air conditioning systems, over GBP60000 per year on parts produced in a seven-machine turning cell.

As well as approval from customers such as Denso, DPI fluids also have aerospace approval from SNECMA for the production of aero engine parts.

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