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Oki Electric has won a contract from Japan’s MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) to develop a demonstration of a car navigation system to support comfortable driving for tourists.

Under the contract, Oki started to develop the Island (Integrated Spot Local Assistance and News Delivery) system for tourist drivers using its DSRC2 inter-vehicle communication system.

Considering the characteristics of tourist spots lacking information and communication infrastructure, this system can offer information that matches tourist drivers’ needs.

Such information is provided through inter-vehicle communication technology where vehicles convey information, and a network is created directly by inter-vehicle communication.

The service provided to tourist drivers includes: local TPO information; word-of-mouth information; traffic jam information; concierge service for foreign tourists and so on.

To promote the system and the service, Oki plans to collaborate with related public institutions in Okinawa Prefecture and Uruma City, as well as local public and private institutions such as the Information Industry Association of Okinawa.

In addition, Oki plans to establish research collaboration with Nissan Motor to support safe driving at tourist sights.

Regarding DSRC inter-vehicle communication in Japan, an inter-vehicle communication system to support safe driving is being developed to achieve safe and reliable road traffic.

At the end of this fiscal year ending 31 March 2009, a large-scale field trial to support safe driving will be conducted between the public and private sectors.

Oki is currently providing equipment to enable DSRC inter-vehicle communication for safe driving to all the participating auto makers.

Oki is also planning to integrate the platform used in DSRC inter-vehicle communication for safe driving with DSRC inter-vehicle communication for comfortable driving to deliver tourist information via the Island system.

Oki will work with auto makers, car navigation makers, and in-vehicle equipment manufacturers to develop terminals and delivery applications suitable for tourist drivers.

This is a project that will be implemented at Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture for three years (from the fiscal year ending March 2009 to fiscal year ending March 2011).

This project will be conducted at a Ubiquitous Special Zone categorised as a ‘Ubiquitous Tourism Region’.

This system to be developed and demonstrated will consist of a system to support comfortable driving to deliver tourist information and a sub-system to support safety driving.

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