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Advanced Power Components (APC) has announced that the United Keys organic LED (OLED) keyboard is now available through its APC Contech unit following a UK distribution agreement.

The OLED keyboard is said to enable users to experience the interactivity of touch-screen devices while retaining the tactile feedback of pressing a button.

OLED technology means that users can create their own shortcuts to load websites, calculate formulae, launch applications, insert a snippet of test or code, or call up a command – all at the touch of a button.

By using the keyboard, gamers, programmers, creative media, and lifestyle application users can save dozens of mouse clicks, increasing their productivity and creativity.

Layered menus mean that hundreds of commands can be stored, with users jumping from one ‘layer’ to another, using nine keys at a time.

Users can attach whatever image or icon they wish to make commands easy to identify.

Research has shown tactile feedback improves performance and satisfaction.

An advantage of OLED technology is said to be reduced power consumption.

United Keys products are powered by a USB connection and do not require an auxiliary power supply.

The solution is user-configurable out of the box; however, APC-Contech will be offering a user app download service for the major PC-based professional applications.

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