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Olmec manufactured a carton code inspection system for a healthcare manufacturer, that met the track and trace code reading requirements for CIP13, which is mandatory in France.

A high-speed in-line code reading system was created by Olmec for a healthcare manufacturer, and verifies codes on cartons at up to 1,200 cartons/minute.

The French CIP13 standard requires all pharmaceutical products distributed in the country to have an ECC200 Data Matrix barcode that incorporates the CIP13 code, a batch number, expiration date and human readable text.

The control system had to be fully integrated into the production line so that no cartons could be missed. Olmec achieved this by analysing the existing control system functions — including the failure mode of the sensors — and supporting the system with a comprehensive documentation package. 

Key information

  • The system reads the 2D code and text printed onto each carton as they leave the cartoning machine.
  • The code is verified according to seven parameters of ISO 15415.
  • If code is unreadable or missing, or the text is missing or incorrect the carton in question is rejected.
  • The system provides batch reports on the number of cartons manufactured and how many were rejected.
  • Individual carton codes can also be checked and the data printed.

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