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Omniflex provides solutions for the remote monitoring of temperatures and the humidity of fridge-freezer compartments, liquid-nitrogen containers and incubators for medical clinic facilities.

The company claims that it provides cost-effective, reliable solutions for gas or electricity sub-meter monitoring (AMR), radiation monitoring, fridge-freezer monitoring and wind-farm monitoring.

Medical refrigerator and freezer remote monitoring solutions can be supplied for small clinical facilities with a variety of freezers up to very large clinical facilities with refrigerators, incubators and liquid-nitrogen containers.

These systems include the local and/or web-based datalogging of temperatures, humidity and power failures along with the immediate notification of out-of-limit temperatures, provided on SIL 1-rated Omni16 alarm panels and by SMS messages and email for alerting staff.

A typical system includes an Omniflex M2G remote terminal unit located at the clinic to be monitored.

These are usually provided in wall-mountable enclosures.

The systems include battery back-up power supply so that the monitoring system will function independently of the local power source.

Therefore, if a power failure occurs, the system will still be able to report the status of the temperatures and it will also report a power failure, ensuring that action can be taken by personnel.

When out-of-limit temperature situations occur, designated mobile phones and email accounts of personnel are sent text messages or are emailed with the alarm messages.

An acknowledgement of this message is required from the recipient or recipients or the message is escalated to another designated mobile phone or email account.

This continues until the alarm is acknowledged.

When logging the temperatures and alarms to a dedicated password-protected webpage on the Omniflex Data Centre using the Omniflex M2G RTUs and Data to Desktop package, the designated personnel can access the webpage to review the status of the system.

This data is maintained on the webpage and the history of events and can be reviewed by the users.

This provides users who have been assigned passwords to view the information any time anywhere from an internet-enabled mobile phone or PC with internet access.

Reports can also be automatically generated on a monthly basis, for example, summarising deviations from acceptable limits and emailed to designated users each month.


The company was founded in 1965, formerly known as Conlog, specialising in process control, alarm/event management and instrumentation products and systems. In 1997, the original instrumentation business division of the company changed its name to OMNIFLEX Ltd.

The company was founded in 1965, formerly known as Conlog, specialising in process control, alarm/event management and instrumentation products and systems. In 1997, the original instrumentation business division of the company changed its name to OMNIFLEX Ltd.

Omniflex works across all business sectors including pharmaceuticals, hospitals, oil, gas, nuclear, water, electrical distribution and energy monitoring.

The company has its offices in the UK, South Africa, and Australia, and the company’s products are sold on five continents. Product ranges include well-known brands such as OMNI SIL alarm annunciators, OMNITERM SIL signal conditioning, MAXIFLEX intelligent remote terminal units (RTU) and I/O systems and the MAXILARM/Omni 4000 alarm/event management systems.

We bracket ourselves as a ‘remote monitoring specialist’, using data acquisition systems, with better than 1mS timestamp at the IO point (from several I/O up to thousands of I/O),  alarm event management including multiplexing systems, telemetry systems, Data2Desktop using standard web browsers, over varying forms of media and high-integrity (SIL1) annunciator systems.

A particular area that Omniflex is also very strong in is obsolescence issues on old legacy alarm annunciators systems. We have, in most cases, a solution for replacement of Rochester, Highland and Robinson’s annunciator systems. Our alarm annunciator systems have been substantiated by Sellafield for and on behalf of all the nuclear operators.

An area that we can offer customers significant cost savings is through the use of our CONET networking technology, which is supported by many of our RTU / PLC products. Using our CONET network technology allows existing installed cabling to be used therefore significant cabling/installation costs can be avoided. A typical example of this whereby our customer in the nuclear industry used our CONET technology, retained their existing cabling and infrastructure, saved them in the region of £1m on cabling and scaffolding.

As a worldwide supplier, OMNIFLEX provides technical training, back-up and application engineering support to a variety of industry partners including local distributors, value-adding resellers and systems integrators, to provide superior levels of service to the end user.

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