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Watersavers has released the Omnisava energy-saving device, which shuts off water, compressed air or steam supplies when not needed.

The Omnisava uses PIR or proximity sensors and a solenoid valve to ensure it supplies only on demand.

The Carbon Trust has calculated that up to 30 per cent of compressed air is wasted.

For example, an array of air nozzles on a production line can use typically 30 scfm of compressed air, which equates to approximately 5KW or GBP0.5 / hour.

If the nozzle ran continuously during two 12-hour shifts five days a week, it would use approximately GBP60 per week or more than GBP2000 a year.

An Omnisava can reduce energy consumption by 30 per cent, ensuring early payback.

The Omnisava has comprehensive control functions and a 50mS to 100 hour digital timer, which enables the user to configure the control to individual applications.

Externally visible LEDs provide the user with operational status.

The control is housed in an IP66 enclosure, protecting it in most industrial environments.

The Omnisava is a multi-purpose energy-saving control device suitable for situations in industrial sectors including general manufacturing, food and drink, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and automotive.

Watersavers also offers battery and mains-powered shut-off valves that isolate the water supply to buildings or parts of buildings when unoccupied, in accordance with Breeam Office 2006 Credit W04.

Watersavers’ products save money on water bills and gain tax concessions through the ECA Water Technology List Scheme.

The Omnisava is backed by a three-year guarantee, unlimited technical support and the Watersavers commitment to customer service and the environment.


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