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The Xpectia vision system from Omron Electronics offers real-colour sensing, high resolution, 3D functionality and user guidance.

Xpectia can identify objects of any colour and size at any distance.

It features a touch screen and automatic functions that are claimed to make the implementation of vision systems fast and straightforward.

Xpectia vision systems use a true colour system that is capable of sensing 16 million colours.

In addition, the often complicated task of selecting colour filters is completely eliminated.

The Xpectia system also provides high resolution, with two-megapixel UXGA cameras.

This makes it possible to inspect small and large characteristics of the target at the same time, and to find small defects on large objects.

Facilities are also offered for 3D inspection, either alone or in conjunction with two-dimensional inspection.

As a result, workpieces with complex shapes that prevent them from being laid flat are easy to measure.

Inspection sequences and decision trees can easily be implemented, along with application-specific software packages.

Omron also offers simulation software that can be used to evaluate the feasibility of applications, and to perform configuration off-line, thereby reducing the start-up time for new systems.

Xpectia is available with a range of controllers, including versions with integrated touch-screen interfaces that can support up to four cameras.

It combines the benefits of a compact vision system with the power and flexibility of an industrial PC platform.

Omron Electronics

Omron Electronics Ltd is the UK subsidiary of the Omron Corporation, a global leader in the field of automation. Established in 1933, Omron has more than 35,000 employees in over 34 countries working to provide products and services to customers in a variety of fields including industrial automation, electronic components industries, and healthcare. Omron Electronics Ltd provides a comprehensive sales and support service within the UK and Ireland for Omron’s vast range of industrial automation products including industrial components, sensing and safety, automation systems and drives.

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