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With built-in logic and data bank functions, the E5_N-H temperature controllers from Omron allow complete control systems to be implemented without the need for additional devices.

Based on Omron’s E5_N products, the E5_N-H controllers add process-control features, including enhanced accuracy, speed and communications options.

E5_N-H controllers are available in three sizes: the 1/16 DIN E5CN-H, the 1/8 DIN E5EN-H and the 1/4 DIN E5AN-H.

Most features are common to all models, but the larger size of the E5EN-H and E5AN-H allows them to accommodate a three-line display and to provide additional I/O terminals.

Set up and programming for the advanced features of the new controllers can be carried out using Omron’s CX-Thermo software, a Windows-based package that runs on a PC.

This provides full access to all of the controller’s functions and allows libraries of functions to be built, which can be transferred between controllers as an aid to rapid configuration.

The controllers incorporate eight ‘work bits’ that can be programmed to perform simple logic operations, with or without time delays, using, for example, the status of alarms, the SP ramp or the controller’s digital inputs.

The work bits can be used to control the operation of E5_N-H unit and its outputs.

The controllers also have eight internal data banks that can be used to store operational parameters such as PID and alarm settings, set values and soak times.

These banks can be used to hold recipes which can then be easily selected by the user or linked to provide the functionality of an SV programmer.

Additional enhancements offered by the E5_N-H temperature controllers include a fast input sampling time of 60m/s, an input accuracy of 0.1 per cent PV and an output resolution greater than 10,000.

The output modules are interchangeable, allowing users to select electromechanical relay, solid-state relay, pulse, voltage or current types according to their requirements.

All models incorporate a five-digit eleven-segment colour-change display.

The E5CN-H has a two-line display, while the E5EN-H and E5AN-H have three-line displays.

Products in the E5_N-H series offer up to four digital event inputs and a range of digital communication options, including Modbus.

They E5EN-H and E5AN-H also support programming via a front-mounted infrared port, as well as remote set point and transfer facilities.

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