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German company Lechner Stahl has bought an ONA AF130 machine, which is the fourth ONA wire EDM unit that Lechner has installed in its factory in Duernau.

On the ONA AF130 model, the X, Y and Z axes measure 2,000mm, 1,300mm and 700mm.

Parts weighing up to 10,000kg and with sizes up to 2,450 x 2,000 x 700mm can be handled with precision.

The ONA AF130 belongs to the ONA AF series.

The main feature of this range is that the machines have a modular design, allowing each customer to configure their own machine.

ONA’s AF Modular series uses prefabricated modules for the different bodies that configure the X, Y, U, V and Z axes, which reduces machine assembly time.

ONA’s AF Modular range offers multiple combinations for the X-Y-Z travels.

In the X-axis, travels can be selected from 800, 1,000, 1,500 or 2,000mm.

In the Y-axis, travels can be selected from 800, 1,000, 600 or 1,300mm.

In the Z-axis, travels are 500, 600 or 700mm.

Each customer can get a custom system for the same price and lead time as a standard machine.

ONA’s AF Modular machines can cut workpieces up to 700mm in height in the totally submerged mode.

Cutting in the submerged mode is said to improve cutting conditions, especially in complex applications, preventing wire breakage and reducing cutting speed.

The ONA AF Modular range optionally includes the ecological ONA Aqua Prima filtering system that does not need filtering cartridges.

The filtering elements used are calibrated mineral particles, that are not lost or expendable, and it is not necessary to replace them throughout the filter’s life.

ONA AF Modular models include a high-power ONA Easycut digital generator, designed and sized to reach high EDM cutting speeds (450mm2/minute with wire with 0.33mm diameter and 370mm2/min with wire with 0.25mm diameter), providing 100 per cent electrolytic corrosion-free cuts and without any detriment to cutting speed.

The high cutting rates provided by the Easycut generator (even in the skim cuts) make it possible to cut high-precision parts in a much shorter time.

The ONA Easycut generator fully preserves the surface integrity of the workpiece.

It avoids electrolytic corrosion even for long machining times while preventing oxidation, pitting corrosion and deterioration of the workpiece surface.

According to ONA, a best surface finish of 0.2 micron Ra (6 VDI) can be achieved.

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