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Photonic Products has launched a range of 405nm wavelength stabilised laser diodes from Ondax, for applications which include Raman spectroscopy, flow cytometry and metrology/interferometry.

The Ondax blue-violet wavelength stabilised laser is a miniature laser in a standard TO 5.6mm package.

The wavelength stabilisation is achieved by optical feedback using the Ondax Volume Holographic Grating (VHG) Powerlocker that ensures a stable, single-longitudinal-mode operation.

Features include wavelength stability (less than 0.015nmC), single longitudinal mode, compact size (standard 5.6mm TO package), wavelength locked to less than +/-1nm, coherence length (0.6m) and hermetical sealing.

The power-locked laser has a low temperature dependence and precise centre wavelength over the locked region.

The range is also suitable for use in data storage, embossed holograms, CD mastering, diffraction grating fabrication, confocal microscopy, particle counting, fluorescence, non-destructive testing, microlithography and high-speed printing.

All Ondax wavelength stabilised laser diodes are low cost, hermetically sealed and in a standard TO package.

The lasers are available from Photonic Products in standard wavelengths of 403, 405, 407, 640, 658, 685, and 785nm.

They offer low temperature dependence (less than 0.03nmC), single-mode narrow linewidth, compact size (5.6 and 9mm standard TO package) and are wavelength locked to less than +/-1nm.

Prophotonix Laser Solutions

Photonic Products is a leading global manufacturer of custom-designed and 'off-the-shelf' laser diode modules and laser assemblies and an authorised distributor of high-performance, reliable industrial laser diodes manufactured by SANYO, Opnext and Sony, and precision optical lenses from Panasonic.

Our customers are primarily OEMs in the industrial, medical, scientific and defence markets.

Photonic Products designs and manufactures custom laser diode modules, laser assemblies and electro-optical sub-assemblies based on semiconductor laser diode technology, which deliver performance and manufacturing efficiencies to OEM companies.

Its in-house capabilities include two Citizen M32 automatic sliding-head machining centres, which enable production of complex mechanical components up to 32mm in diameter in short cycle times; a prototype machine centre; 3D CAD mechanical design; optical modelling; electronic design; laser beam profiling and wavelength measurement.

The company has twice been honoured with a Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade.

Photonic Products was established in 1995 and has operations in the UK, the US and Germany. It is a StockerYale company.

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