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With the culmination of a merger earlier this year, Ondrives has launched its biggest ever product range, complete with many new additions and developments.

The product range now includes gearboxes and gear reducers, with many available as specials to suit customer requirements, whether it is just the changing of a ratio or a simple output shaft request.

Complete out-and-out specials are also possible and Ondrives’ will work closely with the customer to discuss exact requirements and application details – including speeds, duty and life cycles – in order to provide the most appropriate gear reducer for the job.

This not only applies to one-offs, which the company is happy to undertake, but also to medium and large-scale batch productions for ongoing projects, said Amanda Laughton, marketing manager.

This is also applicable to the most recently added products, which is a large range of both commercial (for everyday use) and precision gears.

The commercial range covers a portfolio of products ranging from toothed bar stock, pulleys and belts, sprockets and chains, bevel gears, worms and wheels, anti-backlash wormwheels, internal and double gears, anti-backlash gears, pinions and pinion shafts, racks, helical and parallel gears, as well as spur gears.

Most are available off the shelf to suit customers with just-in-time requirements.

The precision gear range is a collection of parts featuring spur and anti-backlash spur gears, pinion shafts, gear racks, parallel and crossed helical gears, worms and wheels, anti-backlash worms and wheels, bevel gears and both synchronous and synchroflex timing pulleys and belts.

These products have been calculated to the most exacting of standards using the latest 3D CAD technology to work out all figures given to Quality Grade 7e25 DIN58405, AGMA Q10.

Technical information is outlined in the catalogue, and support is provided over the phone or through on-site visits.

Ondrives also offers couplings, linear motion products, fasteners, bearings, bearing housings, anti-vibration products, springs and mechanical parts, all of which feature in the latest 1,040 page catalogue, as well as many more products available to order online.

Ondrives Ltd is a precision manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality gear reducers, precision gears and other mechanical drive components.

The gear reducers are available as standard range from worm-wheel reduction, spur, crossed-axis helical to bevel and rack-and-pinion types. Precision spur and helical gears are a new range along with worms, wheels, chains, sprockets, Generation III belts and pulleys.

A wide range of commercial gears is also available for customers' everyday requirements. Couplings, linear motion products, fasteners, bearings, bearing housings and mechanical accessories complete the range and offer customers a single source for all precision-engineered components.

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